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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Okay, sorry, he looks like he's 30 instead. They still cast way too old and deciding to do Origin Redux with this movie is a major mistake. Why the hell can't he just be Spider-Man from the start of the film? Why are they wasting time with another origin story?
Have you read the script or something? How do you know this will be an origin story? How do you know Uncle Ben won't just appear in flashback?
If you're only going to do the origin in flashback, you don't hire somebody of Martin Sheen's caliber to play the role of Ben Parker. Sheen is as much of a 'name' actor as guys like Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, and Gary Oldman. If any of the characters those other actors played weren't going to have been significantly integral parts of the movies in which they appeared (Raimi's first Spider-Man movie and Batman Begins, respectively), said actors would not have been cast in said roles. You don't hire 'name' actors to play roles that don't have some significance or substance to them, and 'name' actors generally won't take 'bit parts' unless they don't care about the material and are simply looking for a paycheck. This scenario doesn't apply to any of the names I mentioned, so the casting of as big a 'name' actor as Martin Sheen is a pretty good indicator that they're going to be doing the origin in some type of linear - or semi-linear - fashion.
But Ben's role is integral and significant, regardless of the size of it. Besides, given that Sheen appeared in Spawn, he can't be too fussy about what he agrees to appear in.

While I would put him in the calibre of Neeson, Oldman, Dafoe, etc in terms of talent, the reality is that he's not a big box office draw and frequently does small movies. The West Wing may have raised his profile and reminded us all of his huge talent but the parts he played in the likes of The Departed or Catch Me While You Can were very much supporting ones.
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