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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

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OMD just killed Spiderman for good.. there are pockets of resistance but sales figures don't lie.
Figures neither lie nor tell the truth. Which is why it's so easy for people to lie by twisting out-of-context figures to fit their preconceptions.

Spider-Man has been around for nearly 50 years, and its sales have gone up and down plenty of times. And there have been worse missteps in its past than OMD -- the Clone Saga, the Byrne reboot. It's survived those.
I'm not saying that Spiderman will be gone someday.. he is one of the tentpole characters of Marvel and one of the most widely recognized but currently the character and his title suffers big time because of the ego of one chief editor who wanted to leave his mark on the character and start his own legacy and has failed yet is too proud and maybe arrogant to admit it openly (until someone higher up in the chain steps in and "orders" him to undo the damage as best they can).
I'm basing my opinion on my taste and on facts in the form of sales figures. My feeling tells me that OMD is pure shit and i haven't read such garbage in a long time and when i look at the sales figures back up to the release of OMD they speak a clear language so it's not a few fanboys on SF/Fantasy related message boards but the broad customer base that rejects Spiderman currently.

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It is evident and even you Christopher have to recognize that Spider-Man fans have an overwhelming intense dislike of OMD and BND.
Come on. Any argument that pretends that a large group of human beings -- especially fans -- has only a single monolithic opinion across the lot of them is unadulterated BS on the face of it. What you're saying is that you have such an intense dislike. Have the honesty to admit that you're talking about your own opinion. Yes, there are fans who agree with your opinion, but there are also fans who disagree with it. You can't get an entire fanbase to agree that the Sun rises in the east. So any sentence that includes the phrase "the fans think _____" is a lie and an insult to the intelligence of the listener. Don't waste my time with it.

I am a Spider-Man fan. I've written a Spider-Man novel, for Pete's sake. And I've said over and over again -- I hate OMD as fiercely as anyone. But I like BND. And I'm not the only one by far who hates OMD and likes BND. They are two separate things. Yes, they are linked by the underlying publishing plan behind them, but one turned out horribly while the other has turned out surprisingly well.
See my posting above.. the sales figures are a measuring tool of success and they show that customers in general disagree with the current direction.

I wouldn't have had such a problem with a separation of Peter and MJ. Have them divorced, separated, some lame interdimensional technobabble that messes up only their continuity.. anything that doesn't compromise Peter's ideals but making a deal with the Devil???

This is so far out there for a guy who'd rather die than make a questionable moral decision again.. he'd sacrifice maybe his marriage to avoid making a morally bad decision. This i'd have liked to read but JoeQ and Marvel decided on another approach and we got what we got.

I don't know about the quality of the new stories (huge Ultimate Spidey fan but not that close to 616 Spiderman) since i lost what little interest i had after OMD but i hope they pull a reverse stunt and reestablish their relationship/marriage. MJ is such an integral part of Spiderman lore and it doesn't feel whole without her as wife.
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