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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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Last night watched The Crazies(2009), didn't know it was a remake, with Josh Duhmel and I really liked it. Going to have to watch the Romero original now. Give it a solid A-
You mean the 2010 version starring Timothy Olyphant?
Oh, well, makes the joke on The Office even more real.

Also, watched Paranormal Activity. Not bad, wonder how they did some of that stuff on their $600K budget. Give it a B+
It was made for roughly $15,000. Not $600,000.
Whatever, knew it was dirt cheap, must be thinking of something else.

Admit it, you were just correcting me for the sake of doing so. Not like everyone was all confused.

I saw Shutter Island last night and had it largely figured out by the end of the first act. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great. I had a big sense of MEH when it was over.
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