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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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IRight off the bat the main charactor tells one of his men to make sure there is a round in the chamber, and he has the safety off. The guy is using a GLOCK, there is no manual safety switch! That control he manipulated and click we all heard was the slide release.
Slide Lock. GLOCK calls it a Slide Lock.

It locks the slide back. You release the slide by pulling the slide back and allowing the slide lock to drop out of the way.

If you use the slide lock to release the slide eventually you will end up damaging the Slide Lock and have to replace it.

But the scene was still funny to watch. I wonder if the actor realized it when he was handling the Glock.

Also, there were alot of UH-1s in Army colors lying around. Even the National Guard doesn't use the old huey anymore, they got retired over a year ago.
It's possible given the situation that they pulled them out of mothballs.

The last thing was the "escape hatch" found under the tank that our hero used to get away from the zombies at the end. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure that the M-1 doesn't have an escape hatch on the bottom (any tamkers out there want to help out an ol' 11B on this one?)
The M-1 doesn't have an escape hatch.
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