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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

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Mintaka III alone, even at a Bronze Age level of development, would support a population of tens of millions of Vulcans. Romulus, a world settled by Vulcans who've developed an expansionistic culture defined by Vulcan models will understand on the homeworld, supports a population of billions of Vulcans. What we know about the Rigelians suggests they're Vulcan-like enough that drugs used to stimulate blood production in that population work well enough on Vulcans.
Mintakans weren't Vulcans, but "proto-Vulcan humanoids." A related or parallel-evolved species, but not the same species. As for Rigelians, all we know about them is that they have similar blood chemistry to Vulcans, and in Trek terms, that doesn't guarantee any greater degree of kinship.

Nonetheless, it is really rather unlikely that any civilization that's been starfaring for centuries -- either Vulcan or Romulus -- would have no significant offworld populations. Trek's tendency to portray all species (including humans) as native to their homeworlds by default is a persistent conceptual flaw, one that doesn't make sense within the greater context of the universe as it's been established. It's a case of writers not thinking through the ramifications of the universe they're working in.

Add to this the implausibility that a well-established interstellar civilization wouldn't have a large population away from its homeworld, and the director's own statement that the "ten thousand" figure refers only to the number of Vulcans evacuated from the planet--not the total number of survivors--and, well.
A producer/screenwriter's statement, not the director's.

Sure, Orci said that in passing. In future movies, he may well contradict this; he left himself enough room to do that.
Actually I think it's more likely to go the other way. As I said, screenwriters tend to overlook the idea of offworld colonization. I suspect that the line was written with the unexamined assumption that Vulcans lived only on Vulcan, and when that fan raised the question to Orci in the Q&A, Orci realized that had been an oversight and offered a correction. So I'd expect that, if the issue came up in a later movie and if there were room to mention it, Orci and Kurtzman would be more likely to clarify that there are surviving Vulcan colonies. All storytellers make mistakes, but in serial fiction one has the opportunity to correct them. (Which is one reason why it's unwise to treat every passing line of dialogue as inviolable gospel. An ongoing series is a work in progress, always subject to revision.)
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