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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Yes, very impressive. Think it's too much to ask to stay there?

I accept the Swansea win because they were by far the better team on the day. It's the kind of loss that could happen to us at any point, because without Bothroyd we're devoid of any ideas. The manager got it totally wrong yesterday in terms of formation and system. Not to mention the players - Keogh is worse than useless as a centre-forward; Bellamy did nothing; Chopra could barely get a touch; Drinkwater was clearly not fit enough and should never have started. For once, our best players were the centre-backs and the goalkeeper, which I guess is a little encouraging after some of their performances before this weekend.

Never mind. Still second, three points clear and one off top. Plenty of games to go. Just a shame the loss was to the Jacks. Would you believe they showed up waving Tangerine balloons, as if they forgot it was Blackpool who nicked their own play-off spot! The cheeky bastards!
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