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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

Poor Brenok is really stressed over the top here. Though even I agree with NG that he indeed is mean therefore, I find it behaviour quite "human" AND lots of the mean things he just thinks, but does not act on them (like slapping Karama *L* ...sorry, I know its not funny, but I just had to imagine Karamas face, when Brenok would slap him on the head...)
Now I am very curious how kapoor and the Fed.Captain will react when learning about the cloaking device... and who that is who calls for help...if there might still someone on the ship or if its automatic and the ones calling for help are long gone?
Continue fast please.

... Stay clear! Its the singing of things Im longing to hear. You touch them and stiff and silent they turn. Youre killing the things for whose singing I yearn!

I support PLAN.
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