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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Count me as a little late catching up to the show as well. Watched the pilot and follow up episode tonight and color me impressed. Basically a really well done show that's 2 parts "The Stand", 1 part "Cell" and 1 Part "Jeremiah". It's shot as though it expects it's audience to be able to keep up and that's a really refreshing thing in today's TV shows.

I don't like the whole best friend sleeping with the wife thing - unless- he was already doing it before the current apocalypse occurred. Still, even if that were the case it's so been there, done that. However, that's the only nit I have to pick with the show. I like the cast involved, The cinematography is beautiful and so far the writing is strong. They'll have to develop new nemesis and story-lines fairly quickly as the walking dead themselves don't present viable or even interesting long term antagonists, but they'll suffice for the first half of this season.

All in all I'd say it's a very good show with lots of potential and moves up right behind Fringe of my shows I must watch every week list. It still has a ways to go to show me that it can continue it's early success since Jeremiah started off fairly strong and petered off into mediocre land after a while so I'll be watching with anticipa........tion to see how the show turns out.
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