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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

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Seeing as Spock has just seen the destruction of his home planet and the death of his mother, it's entirely possible that he simply latched onto the first person who reached out to him, that being Uhura.
We could. Is there any reason why we must? We know that Spock and Uhura have a long professional relationship, one close enough that Spock's willing to respond to a bit of teasing and transfer Uhura to a new command on will, and close enough for Uhura to try to console him, even touching him physically. The idea of an emotionally strained Spock acting on romantic feelings he chose not to acknowledge is believable, and doesn't run contrary to what we know of the two characters, or of Vulcan (or human!) physiology and psychology.

Or are we to assume that he was making an informed, shall we say "logical" decision, moments afterward?
Le cœur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point.

This is also the Spock that counseled Kirk to attack Nero once he was defeated and helpless so i guess anything is possible.
It would be the rare person who, faced with the ability to annihilate the person(s) responsible for the death of the person's homeworld and home and family (including the person's mother just a metre away), wouldn't resist the desire to wish for the person(s) destruction. Nero's certainly willing to engage in massive overkill to avenge his family; why mightn't Spock be willing to do the same sort of thing?

The difference between the new possibilities for Spcok/Uhura romance fic and Spock's desire for Nero's death, on the one hand, and Spock's statement that only ten thousand Vulcans survived Nero and the assumption that Vulcanoids don't expand at all, is that there's nothing in what we know of the Star Trek universe and the dynamics of peoples and societies to forbid the first two (much the contrary), and much to suggest that the last two are ill-grounded. There are plenty of Vulcans after Nero, with the colonists of Vulcan cultural backgrounds and the numerous less prominent Vulcanoid cultures and the Romulan empire about; there's plenty of reasons to think that, in two millennia of aggressive expansion, there are numerous Romulan settlement colonies outside the Romulan homesystem, apart from conquered worlds and civilizations.
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