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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

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OMD just killed Spiderman for good.. there are pockets of resistance but sales figures don't lie.
Figures neither lie nor tell the truth. Which is why it's so easy for people to lie by twisting out-of-context figures to fit their preconceptions.
BND was intended to replicate the success of DC's 52 weekly comic. Thats why Joe Q poached Steve Wacker over from DC to oversee the project. The project never was able to replicate that success despite having a better pool of artistic talent and later writing talent.

So certainly BND would be considered a failure though I agree with you with the quality of the stories after OMD. However they were done in spite of the changes and could have been told with or without the marriage

But to say that BND didn't fail is an absolute lie. It failed to fulfill its sales expectations and it destroyed the moral aspect of the character of Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the eyes of the fans.
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