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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

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If we`re going for the unreliable narrartor to explain away the odd lines, does that mean that we have to be prepared to do the same for Spock and Spock Prime through the rest of the movie?
If they need to be explained that way, yes. Spock's statement doesn't make sense: colonies of Vulcan proper aside, there are huge numbers of civilizations of Vulcan background out in the wider galaxy, everything from the expansive Romulans down to the pre-industrial Mintakans. It's a logical impossibility that there could only be ten thousand Vulcans.

Anyway, the people who wrote the canon said that the figure of ten thousand applies only to the ten thousand who escaped Vulcan, not to the number of survivors of members of the Vulcan species inclined towards the cultural norms of the homeworld, never mind the number of survivors from the entire species. What more is to be said?

Was Spock being truthful with his emotional moment with Uhura? Was Spock Prime telling NuKirk the truth or was he telling him a line of baloney in order to get him motivated to take command from Spock and stop Nero?
Is there any reason, inside or outside the narrative of the universe, to suspect that either Spock was being insincere? The extraordinary pressures of the immediate past made Spock manifest a romantic interest in a woman he'd long interacted with in a close, friendly professional mode; Spock Prime told young Kirk about his long-standing friendship with Kirk Prime and his knowledge of Kirk's own abilities. There's nothing intrinsically impossible, or inaccurate, for these.

Is America a colony of Great Britain?
No, but if the United Kingdom was somehow destroyed, there would still be tens (if not hundreds) of millions of people of substantially British descent outside of the United Kingdom. Certainly the English language wouldn't become extinct.

(And what about the Commonwealth? Something like two billion people live in countries belonging to an organization with the Queen of the United Kingdom at its head, some of these countries still retaining the British monarch as their head of state.)
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