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Re: Babylon 5 vs Farscape

Babylon 5 has a better ensemble cast overall and some excellent character writing and story writing, able to juggle both arc material and standalone sci-fi stories in a way Babylon 5 wasn't quite as adept at.

It was hardly as arc intensive as Babylon 5 and lacked Babylon 5's dependence on arc payoffs, of course, and Babylon 5 made a much greater effort at having a stable, immersive space opera world (rather then the chaotic, endlessly weird pernumbrations of Farscape) because instead of one story progressing gradually over seasons Farscape's arc was more of an unending cat and mouse, but I'd still say the series overall had a much stronger standing.

And at the last, there isn't the smug JMS sneer. JMS was the best guy around for patting himself on the back for his own cleverness, and this entitlement occasionally creeped into his scripts. Farscape could be pretty weird and terrible but I rarely felt like I was being looked down on.

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I liked Farscape more, even though the writing was much more uneven.
I'd actually see Farscape's writing as more even... in the sense that there was pretty strong writing in all four seasons and from reasonably early on. There are definitely some quite bad episodes but nothing quite as dire as the opening stretch of Babylon 5's first season.
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