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Re: If you were creating a TOS Prequel, how would you do it?

This subject has come up before, and I've written a fanfic based on my ideas (I believe it may be the one that Warped9 alludes to earlier). If anyone wants to read it, it's at

But for those without the patience (what was intended as a short story grew in the telling) here are the salient points.
The United Earth Military Authority has recently fought a war against an alien race, the Axanar. Realising that the current generation of ships is inadequate for purpose, they develop a new design of warship. With costs running over budget, and construction behind schedule, UEMA is forced to ask UESPA for help. As a result of this deal the sixth ship, Enterprise, is modified for deep space exploration and placed under UESPA's command during times of peace.

The ship itself is based on the ringship design, though with a few alterations, such as warp nacelles. The inside is cramped and congested, like a submarine. Heavy hatches have to be pulled open, there are no sliding doors. Pipes and conduits run through the corridors. Originally designed before Earth got zero gravity technology, some areas are difficult to access.

The ship's armed with plasma cannons and torpedoes with atomic warheads. It's well armoured, but will need repairs if damaged. 'Re-routing the power' won't do it. ECM, counter measures and point defence systems help protect the ship.

This is an all human operation. Although aliens can, and do, occasionally join the crew, it's in a limited capacity (think weekly guest stars). Rather than artificially creating drama by having Archer bitch about how them nasty Vulcans stopped daddy building his engine, my version artificially creates drama () with a mixed crew. Some are military, others UESPA. There are even a few civilians on board. And they don't always see eye to eye.

No stun weapons, no shields, no transporters. And absolutely no Temporal Cold War!
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