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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

It is evident and even you Christopher have to recognize that Spider-Man fans have an overwhelming intense dislike of OMD and BND. Sales might not reflect this but discussions on internet boards such as this and with other Spider-Man fans that I've talked to about this issue have all agreed that they have dropped the book entirely because of what went down. I am not criticizing those people who like Brand New Day at all, good for them if they do, Joe Q will give those people a hug, what I am saying is that it has left a bad taste in fans mouth and done permanent damage to their fandom of the character. The only reason I still continue reading is that I've taken over the last few months to download issues and as stated twice now have enjoyed most of the stories in Brand New Day. I still wish the marriage was intact though.
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