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Re: If you were creating a TOS Prequel, how would you do it?

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don't do an April or Pike series set on the Enterprise 1701.
You avoid the whole continuity thing by creating a brand new character. Plus you have the advantage of building that same character from scratch.

no Klingons, please! They've been done to death!

you could really make it feel raw and unfamiliar
Not reusing the same alien races would be a good step in this direction, I like what TNG/DS9 did with the Klingons -- leave them out. I like what ENT did with the Vulcan and the Androians -- leave them out. In the new series do new previously unseen races. They were always there, we just never saw them.

No UFP and no Starfleet unless you're set in the early 23rd century. If set before that than you have the United Earth Space Probe Agency and the United Space Service, both Earth centric organizations.
Like the Klingons, the Federation been done to death. An Earth organization, perhaps with a very small number of foreign allies along, would have the freshness factor.

maybe Masao has something on his Starfleet Museum website to start from.
I love his stuff, adopting elements from his timeline would be a plus too.

Lean more towards the rare Earth concept so there isn't humanoid life around every corner.
Problem here is that unless it's a animated series, you're going to be using Human actors. A cgi character might be okay as a background extra, but still not for a lead or important guess star.

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