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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

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OMD just killed Spiderman for good.. there are pockets of resistance but sales figures don't lie.
Figures neither lie nor tell the truth. Which is why it's so easy for people to lie by twisting out-of-context figures to fit their preconceptions.

Spider-Man has been around for nearly 50 years, and its sales have gone up and down plenty of times. And there have been worse missteps in its past than OMD -- the Clone Saga, the Byrne reboot. It's survived those.
The figures don't lie, the title consistently was losing sales every month for a solid year+ with the often bump from something hyped like Anti-Venom. It lost a higher % of readership when compared to other similar titles so the axiom "its the economy" doesn't fit to those who tried using that as a crutch.

As for Clone Saga, readership was high. Not only were the print runs high per the era but they were bought. I've picked up BND issues a few months later in the $1 bin. Dealers would flat out say, I had to order high to get a variant but the issues wouldn't sell. Also the Clone Saga wasn't ERASAING Spidey lore, everything still happened as it had. They were only going to say, no doubt for awhile(ala Supes death/Batmans back etc), the other clone survived and was Peter. The 90's had those switcheroo's but readership flipped out...despite still buying it.

This time, readership flipped out with reason and stopped buying it. The numbers do not lie and there is no reason to have to twist them.
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