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Re: Reminder: Hotlinking and Large Image Posting

Further to the above, a reminder about starting threads about articles, images, videos, or any content from other websites.

It is fine to refer to other websites when starting threads, a lot of threads here and in SF&F stem from news releases or new trailers or pictures from films. It is not however fine to copy paste from them without adding anything of your own, hotlink their images, or just post a link. TrekBBS is not StumbleUpon or Digg, and there are also copyright concerns about reposting other peoples content verbatim.

Basically, the rule is this - if you post something from elsewhere, you need to add something of your own. It doesn't have to be an essay, but your thoughts or your opinion need to be in the post too.

Threads that offer nothing of their own are likely to be closed. If this behaviour becomes a habit, you may incur spamming infractions.
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