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Re: POLL: Best Movie from the Disney Renaissance?

I stopped watching them after "The Lion King". Even though I was only 13 in 1996, I felt liked I'd grown out of animated Disney movies by then, so I haven't seen any of the others in the poll from 1996 on. My personal favourite is "Aladdin", but I think "Beauty and the Beast" is probably the best in terms of objective quality. It was beautifully crafted and worthy of a best picture nomination. I just don't think the story grabbed me.

I think all of the ones I've seen have the same basic problem, which is that the supporting characters are all more interesting than the leads. I remember liking the Genie, Timon & Pumba, and Sebastian much more than the main characters in their respective films. I watched "Beauty and the Beast" and just thought it was too girly. Can't really hold that against it, I guess. There's also the general fact that I think love stories work better in live action.
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