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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

Kkozoriz1: On Deep Space Nine, when Dukat was told to reign in his war against the Klingons because the Detapa Council wished to sue for peace, Dukat insisted (if I remember correctly) that he was "the only Cardassian" left. Perhaps Nero meant something similar. He's so overcome with rage at the loss of Romulus and his family - and Spock's "betrayal" - that he wants to go on a SMASH! KILL! "revenge" spree. But maybe everyone else is too busy trying to keep the Star Empire together or crying for aid that the last thing they want is to destabilize things any further (Even if that's almost a case of Beyond the Impossible?). So as far as Nero's concerned there is no Star Empire left, just a pathetic group of begger worlds who won't join him in the Grand Smashing. He and his crew are "the last" - the last "true" sons and daughters of the once-great Empire?
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