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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

LitmusDragon wrote: View Post
I'm beginning to worry about the writing on this show. Several scenes in this last episode came off as being clumsily handled: a) Masuka immediately buying into the scene that Dexter had laid out b) Quinn's drinking and dancing in the club while undercover (is this believable?) c) Rapey guy picking up the phone and calling his rapey friends as soon as Dexter and Lumen left the room. I did enjoy the final scene with Dexter and Lumen at the scene of Rita's death however.
Yes - c in particular struck me as clumsy.

I also disliked Lumen being designated as carrying a "Dark Passenger." She's way too weepy for that - the Dark Passenger should cause a person to have joy in committing murder (and continuing long after the initial targets have been exterminated). We should be getting the sense that Lumen is a terrifying person in order to sell this idea. Either that, or keep her as she is, and lose the Dark Passenger in regards to her.

I also stand by my prediction that the finale will end with Debra finding out Dexter's secret, and having to kill Quinn over it.
They've really got to pull the trigger on Deb-finds-out by the end of this season - there needs to be some propelling factor into next season, regardless of whether it's the last.

I really hoped the dentist guy wouldn't turn out to be one of the rapists, and would lead to Lumen going on an increasingly insane and random killing spree, thinking every man who looks at her was one of her attackers, while Dexter has to try to keep her in control and clean up after her.
That could still happen. The dentist being one of the rapists could be chalked up to dumb luck - there's no way her explanation of how she targetted him is going to work twice - and she got it wrong once before, after all. But she needs to amp up the scary-factor if we're going to believe she's a female version of Dexter without the Harry Code.

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
It'd be a good twist for Lumen to identify Quinn as one of the guys who assaulted her.
Only if she's dead wrong about it and Dexter has to protect Quinn from her. There's been zero setup for Quinn being a rapist.

We already know he's crooked from last season. He's always been a little skeevy, which has been emphasized in this week's ep.
He's skeevy in a stealing-money-from-a-crime-scene way, but that is a long long long way from characterizing him as a rapist.

Weller's character seems more likely (although a heck of a coincidence) - he's playing that character as very skeevy (but maybe that's because he's over the top with it).

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