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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Okay, sorry, he looks like he's 30 instead. They still cast way too old and deciding to do Origin Redux with this movie is a major mistake. Why the hell can't he just be Spider-Man from the start of the film? Why are they wasting time with another origin story?

Not that I think Sam Raimi would have done another job. Between one-dimensional villains like The Sandman, pissing on the Spider-Man origin story by having Sandman kill Uncle Ben in a horribly failed attempt to add dimension to that one-dimensional character, having Peter dreadfully boring the few times he is Spider-Man, and idiotic dance sequences, I don't think the franchise would have gotten any better.

Between this and Joe Johnston turing Captain America into Captain Lukewarm American, some of the upcoming superhero movies don't look too promising.
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