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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Phew! Only just playing catchup for the week now...just in time for the next episode!

Well thank grud for TWD because without it, the whole new season of shows would be a total washout. AMC has done it again, this is every bit as excellent as I'd hoped, the one new show of the season actually worth watching, despite my total lack of interest in the zombie genre (and they really aren't breaking any new ground here either, just taking old tropes and executing them really well.)

Imagine a show like The Event that was pulled off like this - that's they way the networks need to approach their sf/f shows. I wonder how long it will take the dimbulb networks to realize that unless they just want to stick to the cookie-cutter stuff like cop shows/lawyer shows/doctor shows/sitcoms, they need to look at what cable is doing and at least try to come up to that level?
I mean if the worst problem people find with your show is that the tank shouldn't have an escape hatch in real life you probably should be happy.
Good lord, yes! Given the sorry state of TV overall, they can have all the escape hatches in tanks they like, and I'll be happy to see something worth bothering with for a change.

One thing I wonder about is whether the American public is going to be willing to stay with a show this grim for the long haul.
They only need an AMC-sized audience, so I think they're in the clear. There's a real hunger out there for any decent TV, and the gore really wasn't that terrible. (I actually found the horse to be the most disturbing thing, yes, I'm the kind of viewer who doesn't care if you rip people's heads off, but leave the animals alone. )

The Walking Dead Kills.
The Walking Dead
- 5.345 million viewers
- 2.7/7 A18-49
As for the expected drop-off tonight:
remember we’re talking about AMC here, not ABC, it could go down nearly two full ratings points with adults 18-49 and still be AMC’s best-rated show.

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