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Re: The Big Bang Theory

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I really enjoy this show. Only discovered it earlier this summer and we've just worked our way through the first 3 seasons. I think people laugh at Sheldon because of his social inepititude, I laugh at him because he says the things out loud that I'm saying silently in my head. The only part of the show that irritates me is in the writing where, when the geeks are talking fannish stuff to each other, they have to reference it for the audience in ways that geeks just don't do when they're talking amongst themeselve, or the way that no one does when sharing common frames of reference. That aside, it is amusing.
Realities of mainstream TVs shows (even if the show is about science nerds).

I've discovered the show last year after it was on TV but passed it.. i watch too many shows as it is so i didn't bother. However once i was a little bored so said why not and started watching.

I have rarely laughed so hard and long because of a show.. it is awesome. Pitch perfect casting and chemistry, awesome jokes and themes and just immensely enjoyable.

There are some favorite episodes that i still watch regularly today:

- Panty Pinata.. Penny and Sheldon having their own little war

- The Bath Item Gift.. Sheldon getting the best christmas.. errr.. saturnalia gift he ever got

- The Adhesive Duck.. Penny getting hurt and Sheldon trying to "help" on top of the other guys having their own "60s experience" while stargazing

- The Precious Fragmentation.. LotR in the Big Bang Theory way

I look forward to each episode and was delighted when Jim Parsons won the Emmy.. totally deserved. I know it is supposed to be an ensemble cast but Parsons knocked out one hell of a character and performance that he became sort of the leading man of the show. I just hope they don't overdo it with him as the others have quite some funny stuff too.
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