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Re: Minecraft

I was on vacation last week so I didn't really get to play around much with the Halloween Update until now. I started a new world and it put me smack in the middle of a valley between several really tall mountains--the kind with big holes in them and some tiny, floating islands. If I go in one direction, there's snow. If I go the other way, it leads to a beach and an ocean. So, I've started building up a small fortress into the mountainside and am underway with mining. I've got a lot of coal and a small amount of iron but no gold, diamond, or redstone. I did find an underground cavern last night--damn thing almost killed me because I was digging and all of a sudden lava came pouring out of the wall in front of me. Yikes! So I started chipping away very carefully to find the source of the lava, and sure enough it led into a small underground cave. There's a fair amount of redstone there so I just need to make some iron pickaxes and get to work.

There's one area in the cave with a waterfall and it's the only thing holding back a skeleton that's gunning for me. Little fucker.

I do have a question for any of the more "expert" players, though: if I want to totally enclose my spawn point, what dimensions does the room have to be? I enclosed my spawn point with a room that's 6 wide by 3 long by 2 high, and that ended up moving my spawn point above the room. So now I spawn on my roof.
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