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Re: Michael Dougherty talks "Superman Returns" sequel

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If Singer wanted to make a good movie, he should have done so with the movie he was actually given, instead of blowing his opportunity on dull, cornball nostalgia and saving the good stuff for some imagined entitlement to another movie.

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
This essentially. Superman Returns was just flat and basically a retelling of the '78 Superman: The Movie. And hearing them talk of Zod I can't help but feel that what Singer would have done would have been to remake Superman II. No Thanks.

I'll stick with Nolan and company and I never want to see Brandon Routh ever again. For me Routh had zero screen presence. The fact is he barely uttered a word throughout the whole film as if they were terrified of him speaking. The whole thing was a rehash.

Superman Returns was nice to look at...except for the pleather additions to Supes costume.

I couldn't care less what Singer planned because I saw first hand what he actually did.
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