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Re: Michael Dougherty talks "Superman Returns" sequel

Sigh. "Superman: Man of Steel" was a media generated title coming from someones online supposed online review of the script. That was never the confirmed title and yet media and fans have continued to use it, and continue to use it to describe the Nolan/Snyder project now as well. It's been something of a pet peeve for me.

Tired of "Superman Returns" debates but what Singer should have done was his own original take on Superman which he basically attempted to do but mixed parts of it with the Donner universe. He got Dick's blessing through his wife Laura while pitching his concept during production on "X2" on what he would do with a Superman movie if he ever got a chance to make it. Laura liked it so much that she gave him a chance to pitch it to Richard (her husband) and he embraced the idea and Singer was convinced based on that to go ahead with the film once the problems with Fox started.

I don't mind what Singer tried to do with the film at all. I think it would have been more wildly accepted by fans if there was more action sequences in it. I don't buy the argument that Superman is only interesting when he punches something. The plane sequence was breathtaking and my theater clapped and cheered when Superman saved the plane, we were all starved to see Superman again we got caught up in the moment like the people in Metropolis Stadium. The other action piece is when Clark saves Lois and the Whites from the yacht. I think Singer was obviously motivated to show and tell how important Superman's place in our world is and used obvious Jesus allegories to do so, right down to the Death and Return of Superman homage at the end of the movie.

That all being said it's still a beautifully shot movie (I think even the most disgruntled fan can recognize that) with a great cast (with the exception of maybe Kate Bosworth who I never bought as the Margot Kidder Lois who she obviously was supposed to be despite Bryan's claims of vagueness). I think a sequel would have been amazing and given fans exactly what they wanted to see from the first film. I had an idea where Brainiac is actually formed from the mineral deposits combined with the sunstone crystal that Lex wrapped it it and slowly evolves absorbing fragments of the sunstone crystal (which contains fragments of knowledge from the 28 known galaxies) and assimilates New Krypton into his Skull Ship which he embeds himself at the core of the body and launches an invasion of the Earth. The subplot would have dealt with Clark finally moving on with his life while dealing with the knowledge that Jason was his son.
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