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Re: Fringe: "Amber 31422" - Nov. 4 - Grading & Discussion

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One thing I don't like is the "Head Peter" gimmick (oh for a better phrasing).

I'm having fun with the idea that Olivia's version of Peter is different than the real one. As if HalliciPeter is the man she needs to see -- hopeful, optimistic, not cynical -- in order to climb out of her hole.

Something else I'm wondering: now that Olivia is recovering her own personality, will Peter vanish? Or will she still be in flux, and need him to be there to help ground her, and lead her all the way home? Perhaps she'll stop taking all those pills, now that she knows he's a good-guy hallucination.

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Oh and HR beautiful AV!
Thank you! Nothing like having a new show to go gaga over in Photoshop.
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