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Given the limitations of the program, the guy has another video of what his plans are for the interior, I don't think making the interior will result in anything impressive. You're basically stacking 1m^3 blocks on top of one another and the blocks can only be one color on all sides. So it'll be very limited on what he can do for the interior. The video does give a very, very nice presentation of scale of the sucker, however.

I'm assuming some of the unidentifiable "greebles' sticking out of the edge near the deflector/secondary hull is some-kind-of scaffolding or something.

But, God. My friend and I were talking about this and I was just said that the video does give you an idea of how really fucking huge the ship is. I always knew it was like half-a-mile long and, figuring in the thickness of the hull and the space between decks, pretty much as tall as almost a 50-story building. But seeing it 1:1 scale like that really is humbling.
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