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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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What's up with this book in Canada? I went to two different Chapters and neither had it in stock, and now I try ordering it off and it say 10-14 days to ship? WTH???
I went to the Chapters in Belleville on the 28th and they had Destiny but not Zero Sum Game. I checked online but they don't seem to be stocking the Typhon Pact novels.

I ordered from and got it in four days. They have lowered their free shipping threshold to $25 so just get another book or two while you're at it.

Or you can order anything direct to their store with no shipping charge. isn't actually a Canadian business, they ship from the States through Mississauga. Long story short (it's very political) Chapters has the book and are shipping it now and on time. Save yourself the trouble and pre-order Seize the Fire online.
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