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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

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I too as I stated am not against Brand New Day and I disagree that we can't judge it based on OMD since that event was the origin and ultimately genesis of the concept. I've enjoyed some of the stories that BND has produced but to call them some of the "best" stories in years is a joke. What does that say about the previous stories? They're just trying to cover their asses meaning that these are some of the best stories without the marriage.
What "they" are you talking about? The quote I posted was not by anyone involved with the creation of BND. Chris Sims is a reviewer who posts on ComicsAlliance and other sites. He doesn't work for Marvel. And as he says in the text I quoted, he hated OMD as much as the rest of us and agrees it was an awful idea. So you're being grossly unfair to him by dismissing his opinion of BND as some kind of corporate shilling by Marvel.
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