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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

Sorry Christopher I disagree with that guys commentary and anyone who says BND has produced "some of the best stories in decades".
BND, which frankly we are still in despite no banners atop the issues, was nothing but blantant rahashed nostalgia told in less effective ways. Reimagining existing Spidey characters the first few right out of the gate, Freak/Jackpot/Negative/Screwball/another Goblin, were less interesting than their regular peers of Lizard/Black Cat/Tombstone etc.

BND, like anything that goes for awhile is bound to produce a few good things. Anti-Venom is one of those.

The art has been consistently average to horrid.

It's not just that OMD was bad it was followed up by mediocority. No amount of people calling "best stuff in decades" has fooled those that pony up $4 bucks. We stopped cause OMD & BND ARE NOT THE BEST STUFF IN DECADES for Spiderman.
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