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Re: Music needing You Tube Videos

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OMG OMG Froot! Are you really gonna do a vid to that song?!!? Please say yes! Pretty pretty please with sugar on top!

ETA: Wait, now that I've remembered my manners, let me rephrase that. Ahem. "Froot. I hope that you will do a vid to that song. However, I understand that the muse does not strike on demand. Please do not allow my enthusiasm to cause you to feel pressured in any way."


No, seriously, I heard that song once on that link and immediately bought it on Amazon. My muse practically sledgehammered me! I have to finish something real quick before I move onto this one, though

I know I've covered YOH before, but you're right, JR - the lyrics are just too perfect! :O They could apply to so many characters in that story.
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