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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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I'd find a way to watch it for free.
Dennis please keep your piracy ideas to yourself.
It also violates TrekBBS Illegal Content rules.

This thread discusses if Trek were not on a linear TV channel how CBS Television would distribute and if you were willing to pay for Trek via download/streaming options. CBS Television would get a fee from you.
I'd steal it, I make no apologies.

Currently I have about twenty-five hundred dollars worth of Star Trek in Blu-Ray/DVD and pay one-hundred and sixty dollars a month for cable programming. 'Pay-per-View' Star Trek would be the last straw for me, Paramount has already wrung every last penny possible from the fan-base. Charging twice as much for DVD releases as other studio's for comparable material.

Enough is enough.

A micro-transaction strategy by Paramount in regards to Star Trek would guarantee it being shunted to obscurity.
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