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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

The Romulans have to be my favourite alien race,so paranoid,so sneaky and ever so deadly.Deranged Nasat's viewpoint is IMO right on the money and the implications for the Trek universe from the Romulan schism will be very interesting.
Correction;would be interesting if not for the imminent destruction of the homeworld.IMO the death of Romulus and the subsequent realignment of the status quo leaves less opportunity for intrigue than having both factions of this threadbare empire plotting against one another.
All that said I'm surprised we haven't seen more Romulan on Romulan skullduggery following the murder of the entire senate.One can only imagine just how perilous the ruling houses are as everyone and his uncle try to establish claims and succession rights etc.
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