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Re: Fringe: "Amber 31422" - Nov. 4 - Grading & Discussion

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Perhaps I'm not fully understanding your objections to the current approach from Fringe.
My issues this season are mainly with the alternate universe episodes. The other episodes have been very good.

The issues I have been having with these episodes:
-the alternate universe characters aren't that interesting including our Olivia as their Olivia. I could care less about her doctor boyfriend or their relationship.
-a lot of the actors just aren't bringing it mainly on the alternate Fringe team.
-the show isn't taking the time to really develop their storylines to cause me to invest in them--they are basically quick plot points that quickly flash in the episode.
-I could really care less about Olivia's plight in their universe.
-the standalone plot might be propelled by a mythological element like the amber but the story itself is just not that interesting whether the twins plight or the guy from "The Plateau". It is that simple. Sure the story spawns some plot advancement in minor ways in terms of the Big Picture but the story itself just fails and comes across as a means to an end rather than a worthwhile tale to sit through.
-The artificial jeopardy in the final act when you know Olivia is going to be okay so it lacks any excitement or suspense.

Full on serialization to me is LOST mid S3-S5 or Season one of Heroes. Fringe is more like a lite arc i.e. ENT's third season Xindi arc in episodes like Chosen Realm, Harbinger etc. They offer up their individual pieces but only in a peripheral manner. Like I said, Fringe's format isn't the only thing I have an issue with.

Ah. That sums it up pretty well. Thanks for clearing that up. I disagree with some of your issues, particularly in terms of the acting and the alt-verse episodes. But your criticisms are certainly valid.

As far as the level "serialization" goes, I suppose it's a matter of taste, but I like the approach Fringe is taking this season, balancing its serialization with stories that, while they are contained within each episode, also manage to provide depth to the story and characters.
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