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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Didn't buy anything big this week, but I'm thinking about getting a new dinner jacket (tuxedo to the yanks). My current one is OK, but the material isn't very lush, and there are a couple of fit issues that slightly bug me and put me off going to black tie events as often as I would like.

So I went round my favourite outlet mall the other day to see if I could find a bargain. Saw a beautiful midnight navy one with perfect formal details in every respect in Valentino... but not in my size. That was my favourite one but I found saw a gorgeously dramatic one in Zegna and they even had my size... but the fit wasn't right. There was a dearth of anything I liked in my size in Loro Piana, Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. So I think I'm going to order one from my tailor instead. They're offering a discount on made-to-measure suits this month, so I think I'll order one next week.
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