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Re: Smallville: 10x07 "Ambush" - Discussion and Spoilers

You know what I just figured out, they royally screwed up Black Canary in Smallville. I've recently been watching Justice League/Unlimited and found out what she's really supposed to look like, so I did some research, turns out she's supposed to have very long blonde hair, boobs, and pretty much be a hotty who knows martial arts. She's supposed to fight, and look good doing it. (Note i'm not too familiar with comics, I never read em as a kid, so all I have to go on is TV/Cartoons and what I research on the Internet.)

Smallville really screwed up the look of Black Canary, I can't tell WTF that thing is, a man? Yeah, not what Black Canary is supposed to look like at all, plus, you couldn't even hear the Canary Cry. And a mask? bah They royally missed the boat on that one.

Anyway, some old piece of info to everyone here probably, but I just came upon this realization after watching "The Cat and Canary" episode 4x01 of JLU last night.
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