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Re: Fringe: "Amber 31422" - Nov. 4 - Grading & Discussion

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This may be JJ's best show
That would be damning it with faint praise considering the quality of most of his shows/films isn't that good--Undercovers was bland recycled mediocrity that deservedly just got canned; Alias was all over the map but mostly just bad; Trek XI was nothing more than flash that hoped to cover up the poor story, the lack of emotional resonance, the thinnest of characters, a cypher as a main villian and a pointless appearance by Old Spock by having a dizzying pace in order to not give the audience a chance to see how mediocre a film it was.

LOST is really the only show that has his name attached to it that was any good but not coincidentally he left early on and had no input in it since the first season leaving it in the mostly capable hands of Lindelof & Cuse for the last five years. He even freely admits this.

Fringe is an okay series--it really doesn't do anything new and it doesn't even really do the pedestrian stuff all that great either. It recycles a whole bunch of old chestnuts most of us have seen in sff genre but doesn't do it any better than its predecessors. It is a watered-down X-Files wannabe with not nearly as good writing and most definitely nowhere the calibre of actors and characters as TXF. The only thing that has kept me tuning in has been the drought of sff and the ongoing mythology which is about the only thing that I see where there is a spark to it.
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As for “the actors can’t act the B-universe characters” comment ... BS! Gee, those characters are so different, they’re wooden, blah blah blah.
We'll just have to disagree. To me the acting among all of them barring, as is always the case, Walter/Walternate is not very good. The actress who plays Alt Astrid looks so uncomfortable trying to pull off her alternate character--she does a wonderful job with the reg version so it is pretty obvious that she just doesn't have the acting range to do the other persona.
Our Broyles and their Broyles SHOULD be different.
But they don't act that different. The actor plays him the same way--deep voice,monotone, matter-of-fact.
The actors better treat them differently, and the actors are doing so.
I don't have a problem with the actors treating the different characters differently--I'm saying probably through a combination of weak writing and weak acting by those involved they aren't doing an effective job. It is just cringe-worthy.
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