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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

COLD FIRE - 2x10 - 4/5

The episode opens with a re-cap of the events in Caretaker. It's a little odd, as beyond multi-part episodes, I can't recall Star Trek doing this before (until you get into late DS9). I suppose it allows more screen time for the plot rather than wasting time on exposition.

There's a lot to like about this episode, though not really much to think about. I like the development of the Ocampans - finding out there others (and maybe more) scattered throughout the quadrant. Voyager getting a bad reputation through second and third hand stories is good. It gives their actions greater significance and weight and is a realistic result of their situation in the Delta Quadrant.

There's some pretty dark imagery in this episode, such as Tuvok's blood boiling and the bodies of crew members hanging, dripping blood in Engineering. The music is pretty suspenseful at times too.

Making Susperia personified as a little girl with a scary voice is a mega cliche, but one that doesn't bother me too much. All in all, this was a lot of fun and provided some great development for Kes.
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