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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

^^ I dipped my toe in there occasionally "back in the day". As I said earlier, LOVED reading Jim's transcipts, with his sidebar commentaries/descriptions of Janeway.

The nebula was famed for its top tens, among other things.

My current fanfic has been on the Neb/web less than a year.

The opus that preceeded it 10 years ago may have been something you ran across back then.

I've got to say... "Counting in Time" is better than my previous efforts, but for people who can competely forget season 7 (it hadn't occured yet), the other isn't "bad".

(kimC, not a lick of timetravel in THAT one... and only a "few" BORG... NO Queens! )

"Counting in Time" has nothing to do with "Out of the Mouths of Babes" and its two companions which were written between season 6 & 7.
They were my naive vision for how Voyager should end. Alas the writing was more "script" than "novel" and so doesn't flow as well.

Speaking of "Babes"... it has one of my absolute Fav Janeway/B'Elanna scenes that I've ever written/seen/read. (No, I'M not VAIN at ALL! ) One that MAYBE even AMG would find tolerable.

Out of the Mouths of Babes... 2000
Act Five Scene Four (Janeway is about to leave the ship on a mission to save Voyager/ but strand herself in the DQ forever.)
Day 11. 3:38am.
(Janeway is on a final "top to bottom" tour of her ship. One last "stroll". She begins on Voyager's bridge and ends on the flight deck of the Aerowing. She is surprised to find it deserted... except for an exhausted chief of engineering. B'Elanna is sleeping on the floor near the conn. It's now 4:11am)
Janeway: (bends over the sleeping Klingon, and gently shakes her shoulder) B'Elanna... B'Elanna.... come on.... there's got to be more comfortable places for you to sleep than here?
B'Elanna: (slowly sits up as she awakens) Arghhhh... what's happening??? (looks up at Janeway) Is it time already?
Janeway: (slides down a bulkhead to sit on the floor next to B'Elanna) Not yet. It's 0413... you fell asleep. (Janeway looks up at the underside of the console.) This isn't the view of my ship I often see.
B'Elanna: (slides back to sit next to Janeway & so as to rest against the bulkhead) Really? It's one I usually see. - - "under" consoles... in jeffries tubes....
Janeway: One word of advice... "Delegate", B'Elanna. You've got to learn how to delegate.
B'Elanna: (rests her head against the wall) Ahhhh... but THIS is the FUN part of being an engineer. I don't want to lose that.
Janeway: (softly smiles) I know exactly what you mean. That's one of the reasons I never wanted to command a Galaxy class Starship. Those monsters come with so many gung-ho commanders that the Captain is lucky if she Ever goes on an away mission, and you can be sure those are going to be about as exciting as milquetoast.
B'Elanna: (grins) Did Chakotay ever try to do that to you? Keep you off an away mission due to its danger?
Janeway: Oh... I think he thought of it once or twice... but he usually had the good sense not to try it....... (smiles) Of course, it also helped that he'd spent the previous 3 years in the Maquis. He'd gotten used to "breaking" the rules... so he didn't object too much whenever I did.
B'Elanna: (yawning) What are you doing up this early, Captain? Can't sleep?
Janeway: (shrugs) I like walking Voyager on Gamma shift. Its so quiet... so sparse.... people aren't jumping to attention everytime you round a corner.
B'Elanna: (accepts this, and nods to the conn) Well, if you're interested... she's ready to go. Neelix plans to finish provisioning her at 8 am.
Janeway: (nods seriously) Good. I'd hate to be late for my date with destiny.
Janeway: (quietly) B'Elanna...?
B'Elanna: (also quietly) Yes, Captain.
Janeway: (vulnerable) I was wondering.... if you'd mind.....
B'Elanna: (puzzled) Mind what, Captain?
Janeway: (takes a deep breath, voice cracks slightly) ... If you would mind if I gave you something...... It's for remembrance only.
B'Elanna: (swallows hard) No..... I wouldn't mind.
(B'Elanna watches as Janeway reaches into her jacket and pulls out a small bundle. The Captain carefully unwraps it and holds it in the palm of her hand. It's a small black metal bar, outlined with a rectangle of gold. Inside the golden rectangle were four gold pips.)
Janeway: (lovingly polishes the bar with the corner of its cloth wrapper) My...... mother gave me this the day of my father's funeral. She........ thought it would come in handy one day... (Janeway chuckles) ....when I was promoted... (she reaches up to wipe her eyes with the back of her hand) Anyway.... I'd like you to have it.
B'Elanna: (B'Elanna's eyes open wide as Janeway lowers the gift into her open palm.) Oh.. my... Captain... I ... I ... couldn't! I'll never... I mean...
Janeway: (reassuringly) B'Elanna -- This is one of the few things I've carried with me for the last 20 years. From post to post... from ship to ship... across half the Delta Quadrant. It means more to me than anything I have.....I really want You to have it.
B'Elanna: (whispers as she looks to Janeway) Kathryn. This is a family heirloom. I'm HONORED, truely,. But this should stay in your family. (B'Elanna tries to hand the gift back to Janeway) You should give this to your sister.
Janeway: (puts her hand over B'Elanna's, causing B'Elanna's hand to close over the insignee) I just did.

(B'Elanna turns to look at Janeway, and then back at their closed hands. She fought to maintain control, but could not. Slowly she let her head drop onto Janeway's shoulder, and she began to gently weep.)

(Thats how Chakotay found them 2 hours later. The tears of both women now dried. Leaning back against the bulkhead, fast asleep.)
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