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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
It might have enhanced the dream-like quality of it all. You know how sometimes a dream gets weird but you sort of roll along with it accepting it? Maybe I'm reaching there but it seemed to highlight just how overwhelming the situation was that he didn't even question it but sort of just absorbed it.

Not knocking what you're saying but offering another possible reason not to show it.
True, he did seem pretty zoned out-- understandable after being in a coma and then waking up to Zombie Apocalypse. It would also explain his slowness in questioning other survivor guy.

PsychoPere wrote: View Post
Rick was desperate to find someone: his wife Lori and his son Carl. Everything else is just background noise until he finds them.
True, and I understand that. But my observation applies to the whole show, not just the opening sequence. Why didn't he try the phones or the Internet at the police station? Wouldn't their systems be independent of the civilian systems in case of emergency? And why didn't they ever check cars for satellite radio? Even if the whole area was blacked out, satellite radio would still be on the air-- unless the whole country is blacked out. That would have made for a very ominous moment.

Zachary Smith wrote: View Post
I don't think you're going to generate much suspense when every one in the audience and every other character in the story is very aware of the nature of the situation. I think what you're really searching for here is fulfillment of a need on your part for validation of the situation, which isn't the point of the story here.
Well, maybe not, but given that this was written and presented as adult drama and not just a shoot-'em-in-the-head movie, I think establishing the situation is important. They actually did a pretty good job of it. They spent plenty of time on Rick's reaction to the situation; they didn't rush through it and gave it proper depth and respect. That's what makes it seem like an oversight to me. If it was the type of show to rush through the preliminaries just to get to teh Kewl Zombie Action, I would have just shrugged it off.

Now let's talk about why he was running around in his hospital gown instead of getting his clothes out of the closet.
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