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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

^ These are along the lines of how I would introduce therm and Christopher I apologize for getting hot headed, I wasn't meaning to direct it at you, I was attempting to direct it at the fandom. @Aragorn...I don't think Robin was universally loved prior to Forever but I do remember a lot of the backlash from Bat fans and Robin fans at the way he was presented and I think it was a mistake creatively to introduce the character as a near adult, why would Bruce see the need to adopt someone who was nearly an adult? I know it was explained in the film that Bruce didn't want him to rush off half cocked but still I didn't buy it.

Dark Victory is a great title and a fine example of how to handle the character. I even wrote out a one page proposal for an alternate Nolan trilogy a couple years ago here with how to include Robin. I believe that I introduced him at the end of "Dark Knight".
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