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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

I think Dick Grayson, and by extension Robin, could absolutely work in Nolan's naturalistic Batman universe. I was never really a Robin fan until I read Dark Victory and I felt like I understood what Robin meant not only to Batman but the entire mythology. I can understand why Nolan wouldn't want to include Robin, but I still feel like he's an important part of the mythology and I think there could be a way to make him work and not remind people of the Schumacher films.

For one, I always thought Dick Grayson needs to be a young adolescent if they ever adapted him in a new movie (and not as a young adult as they did for Batman Forever), around the age of Bruce Wayne when his parents were murdered but obviously a little older and more of a teenager. Robin always represented for me a validation of Batman's mission: he swore never to allow what happened to him happen to anyone ever again, and when Dick's parents are murdered, he takes it upon himself to take Dick under his wing to preserve that promise. Also, in the context of Dark Victory, it especially works because after Harvey Dent's downfall Bruce Wayne is feeling guilty that he didn't trust Dent and that moment where he confesses he was going to reveal to Dent his secret identity was a powerful moment in my opinion- it showed that Bruce, if anything, deep down wants people he can trust in his company. I know people like Batman as the whole loner, but Batman would not be Batman without the help and assistance of those all around him- including Alfred, Leslie Thompkins, Lucius Fox, and yes, Robin and the whole Batman family.

I think introducing Robin in The Dark Knight Rises would be an almost perfect opportunity especially after Nolan made The Dark Knight with The Long Halloween in mind and a third film could echo Dark Victory just wonderfully. However, I don't see that happening at all and I think Nolan will be going in a completely different direction, which is a little bit of a shame but okay. Then again, I was never really completely satisfied with Nolan's interpretation of Harvey Dent/Two-Face anyway- I didn't like that he was romantic rivals with Bruce Wayne (in the comics they are loose friends) and I didn't like how Nolan practically made Two-Face just a basic vigilante and sort of just forgot about the schizophrenic nature that drives Two-Face's personality. I still feel like The Animated Series version of Two-Face is so far besides the comics the definitive version of Two-Face.
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