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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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Granted I don't see a way to work in a mad actor on a killing spree into a TDK followup but it would be a way to showcase a villain that has yet to appear on the big screen. He and Killer Croc are about the last big ones to not appear and Bane still needs to be done right but I digress.

Black Mask is a great second tier villain so I could buy into that rumor, at least it makes sense structure wise.
I feel Bane from Batman and Robin shouldn't even count as an appearance, so he could also be open for a return.

BTW, I almost feel Dick Grayson could work, but Robin could not, if that makes any sense.

EDIT: Never heard of Black Mask before, but he seems a great fit, to be honest. Maybe a story of him trying to destroy the reputation of Bruce Wayne. In the movie, as Batman redeems himself, Bruce Wayne's esteem falls. Plus, his gang of followers has a Quasi-organized crime feel to it.
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