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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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I remember because Elle McPherson played her and it was a big deal back then that was supposed to launch her movie career.
I'm sure people remember that Elle McPherson was in the movie. That doesn't mean they remember her character's name.

I believe that he's avoiding using Robin due to the negative associations that came from the misuse of the character in both "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin".
I'm pretty sure he's avoiding Robin because it's unrealistic that Batman would take on an adolescent sidekick, and because a character as bright and colorful as Dick/Robin wouldn't fit the tone of the Nolan movies. Robin is a child's wish-fulfillment fantasy and he works better in a more fanciful context than these films offer. In the Nolan films' gritty universe, a story about Batman taking on a teenager as his sidekick and dressing him in a bright, garish costume would play too much like Miller's TDKR, making Batman come off as a lunatic committing child endangerment.
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