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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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I did see your earlier post - but I was asking about that movie specifically, not the old comics . My suspicion is that Nolan will want to avoid anything that appeared in B&R.
Except that that would mean avoiding Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Gotham City, etc. There have to be limits on avoidance.

And really, who even remembers that there was a character called Julie Madison in B&R? I sure didn't. She was a very minor part of the film. I can believe that Nolan would avoid Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy because of the negative associations, but Julie Madison? I don't think so.
The difference is that Gordon, Alfred etc are pretty essential to the Bat-mythos. Julie isn't.

As I say, I only have a suspicion that Nolan won't want to use her, but this is bolstered by the fact that Bruce/ Batman has several leading ladies that haven't been used in the Nolanverse or even any of the Batman movies to date. Just as he avoided any villains who'd been used in live-action movies in BB and just as he's not using The Riddler in TDKR, I think he'll do something similar for the female lead in this movie. In particular, I think he'll want to avoid her because of the B&R connection. Vicki Vale is probably a more interesting lead, if he was going to use a character who's already appeared in the movies.

But it's merely a suspicion.
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