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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

The amount of absolute, unadulterated crap that's cropped up over the past couple of days astounds me.

Beyond credible sources like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, I trust only the following when it comes to news and/or rumors: Batman on Film, IGN, and SuperHeroHype, and all 3 places are smart enough not to post or even give any form of credibility to the BS that's cropped up. Jett (webmaster and operator of BoF) did post the Essen/Madison rumor, but, after doing some more research into it, has since said that he doesn't think there's any validity to it, but that's the only thing he's touched, and rightfully so.

You'd think people would actually use some common sense when it comes to rumors and stuff, but apparently that's not the case, which has led to the crap that we've been seeing the last two days.
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