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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

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There have been a whirlwind of rumors circulating over The Dark Knight Rises over the past few days, from the outrageous to the downright peculiar. For one, there's the outrageous rumor that Jon Hamm will replace Christian Bale.
Sounds like someone heard the chatter about Hamm being touted as a Superman candidate and confused Superman with Batman.

Other rumors include that we will see two female leads in the film, in the form of Sarah Essen and Julie Madison (rumor has it, Essen would be a main character and Madison would be supporting).
Now, having Essen as a female lead would be intriguing, because that would imply that Jim Gordon would be more central to the story than ever. I can definitely get behind that.

But Julie Madison? Bruce's girlfriend from 1939? Why not Vicki Vale or Silver St. Cloud?

Clayface by extension has been rumored as a possible villain...
Okay, I read that there some sort of connection in the comics between Julie Madison and some incarnation of Clayface, but it's bizarre that anyone would think Nolan would use such a fanciful character as Clayface.

...with Harvey Bullock running a Batman Task Force to capture the Batman (according to the synopsis, Gordon hires Bullock because he doesn't think he's equipped to handle the job). Gordon's mission is to prove Batman's innocence...
Now that sounds cool. Basically Gordon picks someone he expects to fail. And maybe Harvey surprises him by turning out to be more competent than he looks.

They could have a hell of a movie here without any "name" villains at all. Just focus on the dangerous game between Batman, Gordon, Bullock, and the city. Batman accepts the role of bad guy and Gordon goes through the motions of chasing him even as they're really allies, but they find they have to make difficult compromises and things start to get out of hand, and this tenuous structure of lies they've built up begins to unravel and threatens to collapse destructively. There could be all sorts of neat psychological stuff going on, Gordon starting out trusting Batman but then starting to resent him for drawing him into this deception that threatens to ruin his life and career, so their feigned enmity becomes closer to reality, and so on. So it's not Batman vs. Riddler or Batman vs. Black Mask or whoever -- it's ultimately Batman vs. Jim Gordon and both men versus the impossible situation they've trapped themselves in. And that could be a hell of a movie if they went that way.
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