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Re: Third Nolan Batman film title announced!

There have been a whirlwind of rumors circulating over The Dark Knight Rises over the past few days, from the outrageous to the downright peculiar. For one, there's the outrageous rumor that Jon Hamm will replace Christian Bale. There's also the rumor that WB is concerned over the script because it is "unique" and there is no name villain for the studio to sell to an audience (not that you need a name villain to sell to an audience with the sequel to The Dark Knight, but okay). Also, apparently, the title was a compromise between WB and Nolan.

Other rumors include that we will see two female leads in the film, in the form of Sarah Essen and Julie Madison (rumor has it, Essen would be a main character and Madison would be supporting). Charlize Theron has been rumored for Essen and Vera Farminga has been rumored for Madison. Clayface by extension has been rumored as a possible villain and a story synopsis has apparently "leaked" that includes Black Mask and Selina Kyle with Harvey Bullock running a Batman Task Force to capture the Batman (according to the synopsis, Gordon hires Bullock because he doesn't think he's equipped to handle the job). Gordon's mission is to prove Batman's innocence, and Selina Kyle is an underling of Black Mask's who is tasked to infiltrate Wayne Enterprises. Deadshot also features in this synopsis, with a role the size of Harvey Dent's from The Dark Knight. Naturally, take all of these rumors with a huge shaker of salt.

I would provide links, but there are so many links and probably more than half if not all of these rumors are probably false, so I thought I would not bother (however I'll provide some for everyone's viewing pleasure).

However, one thing: I hope the "unique" script rumor is true if anything because I hope after Ledger's Joker and the overwhelming success of The Dark Knight that Nolan doesn't so much focus on finding a villain to topple The Joker (which would be nearly impossible) but instead focuses on telling a good story. That's what really matters and who cares if the villain is some obscure Batman character. In fact, I would much rather see someone along the lines of Hugo Strange or Deadshot over The Riddler or Catwoman, but that's just me. So long as the characters tie into the story and don't feel tacked on (which destroyed the last franchise), then I'm all in.

Also, an alleged "insider" from the SuperHeroHype message forums further elaborated on what he has heard for The Dark Knight Rises:

So basically he has just heard some vague things about production of this movie. The most interesting thing I thought was about the title. Apparently 'Dark Knight Rises' was not the original choice, but rather a compromise between Nolan and WB, because of Nolans reluctance to use 3D. So they asked that he used 'Dark Knight' in the title again. Again not a big scoop but interesting.

The other info is just little tidbits. Apparently from what these people hear, the script is finished and although no one will tell them details, it is apparently very very "unique" I wish I knew what that meant. Supposedly it made some of the higher-ups a little nervous. Don't know if that's good or bad. The last thing is the rumors about WB insisting on using Joker. Apparently its bs. Supposedly they'd like the Joker to return but after TDK and Inception they're not going to do anything to upset Nolan.
Take it for what you will.


Alleged plot synopsis:

Clayface/actor rumors

Charlize Theron rumors:

Sarah Essen and Julie Madison rumors:

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