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Re: What games are you playing currently?

RDR made me laugh out loud last night. I was trying to get the master sharpshooter award and had to do the bit where you disarm 6 people without reloading or switching weapons, so I went to Pike's Basin and did the gang hideout there. I come up to a rock where two badguys were hiding and went into dead-eye mode with the intent of targetting their gun hands.

In the heat of the moment I tagged the first guys left hand. Instead of just cancelling like I should have, I went ahead and tagged his right hand as well and then hit the trigger. Both the badguy's hands got shot off, but the funny part was just as this happened, he held up the stumps as they gushed blood and the 2nd bad guy behind him takes a split moment to stare at them in disbelief, then turns his head to me and yells out "OH SHIT!!" before trying to fill me full of lead..

I swear, it looked like it was scripted. It may have just been serendipity, but it all seemed to be in context.
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